Monday, January 26, 2009

old friends

After finding old friends from high school, my mission, grad school and life I've really had fun reconnecting and getting to know them again. I've realized that some of them have really grown but most just haven't changed a bit. This one guy from my mission is aging, balding, has a pretty good sized gut not to mention his 6 kids and a wife. However, he still looking at girls and women like he's still free and they are still free. He cracked me up out there in Minnesota and he's still cracking me up now. Horn-dog. Is that a word?
Some people haven't aged as well. They haven't taken care of themselves. And I'm not talking physically only. This is mentally, spiritually, etc. And it comes through their physical appearance. Oh well. Hopefully they will find that part of themselves again.
Of course I'm perfect (eye roll). Things sagging, other things bagging, and I have to keep upping the dosage on my anti-depressant. Winter will end soon enough.
Have I mentioned I'm going to Hawaii on Thursday?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


After finding Facebook I spend quite a bit of time on the computer. I mean I spent a lot of time on the computer anyway at work and then at home for different things. But I am pretty addicted to this new medium. I rush home every day after work to see who has posted what. Is anybody else in this predicament? I work for the Alpine School District and found rather quickly that I could access Facebook at school. I told several of my friends at school about it and they all got on, too. Within two weeks the district completely blocked it. I used to be able to go through these back doors and get around the blocks but no more. I hate techies.