Thursday, June 17, 2010

The slave...or mom

We were traveling home from a trip when Jon and I got talking about different things like what the kids think about and especially what they think about us. One of the running themes I've noticed that they think about me is written every year in their handmade Mother's Day cards. It's always something to the effect of "Thanks for making our food and doing our laundry." It'sbeen somewhat of a running joke in my own head and I would be disappointed if someone didn't say it. I was telling Jon about it and we started giggling, creating the epitaph for my gravestone. It would run something like this "Thanks for the clean clothes and the good food. In loving memory..." Etched in granite on top would be a pair of socks laid over the edge and an empty but dirty frying pan.


Monday, March 22, 2010

A Trip to Disney--March 4--March 7, 2010

Five of the teachers and I went to Disneyland earlier this month. We had a great time We ate at a place called Chris and Pitt's which on first sight was a dive but the food was awesome and generous.

We went into the park on a beautiful Friday morning at about 8:30am. There was no one there. I think the earliest I have ever been in the park was 9:45.

We rode on our favorite rides. One of mine is Thunder Mountain Railroad.

We ate great food at the California Adventure food court, The Blue Bayou inside Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Carnation Café.

We saw THE Mouse, rode more and more rides, ate more and more food and had a great time.