Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Email

I have been banned from writing on my other blog about the school and all the intricacies accompanying it. The school board received an "anonymous" letter from a concerned parent.

Here it is:

I am anonymously emailing all of you to inform you of the information below, involving one Mrs. Kara Sherman, employee at Forbes Elementary School, in your school district. I do not live in your school district, not even in your state....but what Mrs. Sherman is doing is WRONG!
Mrs. Sherman became a random "follower" of someone I "know" on Twitter and that is how I became aware of the situation I am about to describe for you. Please follow the links below, as they demonstrate the problem Mrs. Sherman has created.
Once my acquaintance noticed he/she had a new follower on Twitter, he/she clicked on the new follower's Twitter profile:
It was at that time, apparent that the follower was Mrs. Kara Sherman as she had, at that time, listed at the top right of her Twitter page the following information:
  • Name Kara Sherman
  • Location iPhone: 40.381561,-111.782326
  • Web http://elementary..
  • Bio Wife and Mother Extraordinaire, Family Engineer, Lady of Leisure, Elementary school secretary
  • This information gives her EXACT location from her iPhone as well as the URL to her own personal blog:
    After reading through what Mrs. Sherman "blogs" about from her position as secretary at an elementary school, it was clear to us that she is repeatedly publicly disclosing, and with horrible biases, information that she in her position of employment has absolutely no business whatsoever disclosing on the Internet or otherwise. Also, Mrs. Sherman doesn't just blog about the students of Forbes Elementary School, she blogs about their parents, grandparents, school employees, etc as well. In her blog, Mrs. Sherman passes harsh judgement, gossips, makes gross assumptions, all while violating the privacy of the students and parents she was hired to serve by making it public! It is obvious that Mrs. Sherman has been blogging about events, students, and parents at Forbes Elementary School in a mean spirited, prejudiced, inappropriate manner....all on her personal blog and doing so WHILE AT WORK!
    Although on her blog, Mrs. Sherman does NOT list the name of the school she works for, a simple Google search of her name, "Kara Sherman", yields several results, such as:
    Her Google Profile, specifically listed her place of employment BY NAME & the School District's Name at first and she has since removed that info. However, your School District's name is mentioned in her LinkedIn info: where she also again posts a link to her 2 BLOGS, one link is now not functional, but her "family" blog is accessible still.
    I respectfully submit that anyone can Google another person's name/Twitter name and unfortunately, links to her current blog is what will come up on the worldwide web for all to see, thanks to Mrs. Kara Sherman.
    TODAY'S Update: I typed this email and saved it as a Draft MONTHS AGO but never sent it until today. I thought maybe Ms. Sherman changed her ways. Until I saw her Twitter name pop up in an re-tweet today A short amount of digging & it appears Mrs. Sherman has changed her "name" on Twitter to "Elizabeth Poppleton" and removed her Location and her website URL from her Twitter page.....but still has "Wampuqueen" as her Twitter username, which when "Wampumqueen" is googled and searched through Blogger still leads you to her NON FAMILY website, titled: "Adventures in Babysitting" now located at Please GO READ HER POSTS! :(
    Note: She has blog posts on her website from 2/15/11, 2/21/11 and 3/8/11 referencing her "problems with the district", brags about her steps to hide her blog on the internet, references to having a lawyer, how she will continue to blog about the students/school after being spoken to about her blog by the "Pal" Principal, and her intent to continue using her iPhone during work to post, access social media, etc.
    Anonymous parent of a special needs child, HIGHLY IRRITATED!

    Now this person is more famous than they ever wanted to be. Anonymous my butt.

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Snorey McSnoreSnore

    I am a BEAR if you wake me up in the middle of the night. Especially to my own family. When my kids were babies I breastfed them for 12 - 15 months depending on the kid and the circumstance. When I would first have the baby I'd wake up and be so happy to nurse and to love them in the middle of the night. Then after awhile I'd get to the point where I wouldn't hear them so we soon fell into a routine that Jonathan would go get the screamer, bring them to me, I would sit up, nurse usually lolling back and forth because I couldn't stay awake then hand the baby back to Jon and he would take them back to bed. I would be out again as soon as my head hit the pillow. Little did I know that the kid didn't always go right back to sleep so he would stay awake until they did. Which makes him an awesome husband!

    And the nighttime parent.

    The kids know not to come to my side of the bed at night for fear of being growled at. I don NOT like to be awakened in the middle of the night. Ever. When they were little and would come in to our room he would have them lay on his side of the bed as far away from me as possible. I'm hardly nurturing in the daytime and even less so in the night.

    Anyway. The point is: I don't like to be awakened in the night.

    The hubs has over the last few years started snoring. He has gained some weight as we all do over 19 years of marriage and with it has come the snore. It doesn't matter if he's laying on his right side, his left side, or his back. He's snoring. And it's not a quiet snuffling, it's an all out snore.

    I've learned over the years that if I can get to sleep before he starts snoring then I can sleep through a whole night's worth of snoring and never wake up. But if I wake up and he's snoring it can take a long time for me to get back to sleep.

    I should poke him and tell him to turn over or something but I don't. I CHOOSE to lay there and be a martyr about it. I will toss and turn and get madder and madder because I don't want to disturb HIS sleep by asking him to turn over. I lay there and huff and puff and flip and flop, sometimes violently to see if he will wake up. Last night I got up and made a lot of noise by grabbing my pillow, getting a blanket out of the hall closet and going downstairs to sleep on the couch. I love to sleep on my couch but of course I was too indignant to do so last night. Finally I had had enough and went back upstairs with my pillow and got back into bed with more huffing and puffing and grumbling and grouching to the hubs that he "was snoring and I can't sleep and it's not fair and ....blah blah blah."

    This morning I woke up and apologized for being a bear in the middle of the night. He said, "Why didn't you just wake me up and tell me to turn over?" I said, "Because, I didn't want to disturb YOU."

    Still the martyr.