Sunday, August 30, 2009

Molly and Matthew find a new ride

Last Sunday my two youngest children found a new toy. The stairs. Actually it is an old toy but is being used in a new way. Matthew has a bunk bed in his room that has this old crappy mattress on it. We bought it for Adam years ago when we were in graduate school and we were poorer than dirt. Of course, now we are just poorer than dust but we're moving up! It was brand new at the time but really cheap. I think it is just a really thick piece of foam. Anyhow, they drag it off of his bed and downstairs to the top of basement stairs then they slide down the stairs on it. They did this for hours. They brought it down again today. I tried it and screamed all the way down-it was a small thrill. I thought I'd take pictures of them to memorialize their new toy.

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  1. WEEEE! That really does look like lots of fun :)