Thursday, September 8, 2011

What will the ladies think?!

You can tell that my house was designed by a man. It has a teeny tiny kitchen with a crappy layout--the oven and the dishwasher face each other and you can only open one door or the other. However, when do I ever need to open my dishwasher AND the oven at the same time. Maybe, maybe once a year. On Thanksgiving. Or maybe Christmas.

Another thing about this house is the upstairs bathrooms. The kids' bathroom is cavernous. Huge! I'm not joking. My bathroom butts up behind it and it is a closet. What the crap?! I know there are four of them and only 2 of us but come on! I'm the one paying for this house and I should get the big bathroom. So says me.

(No pics of the upstairs bathroom as it is a pit.)

I do have to say that the bedrooms are all a decent size and each kid has their own room each with a decent sized closet. Actually they each have very large closets compared to mine. Which is the real object of this post. The state of our closets.

They are the smallest closets ever. The builder thought he was throwing the homeowner a bone by building two of them in our room. Woo-hoo!

The following are pictures of my closet. Notice how tidy it is:

Now for pictures of the hubs closet:

He doesn't care about his clothes like I do. In fact most of his stuff is downstairs in the laundry room stacked on top of the washer. Washed, dried, folded......

I told him that I was going to do a blog post on this difference between his closet and mine. He opened his closet and looked at it for a second. I said, "Don't clean it." He started throwing his arms about wildly pretending to throw everything out yelling, "Oh no! What WILL the ladies think?!" Then he stopped and looked at me like I'M the idiot and says, "Like that's gonna happen."

So what I'm saying is this: maybe if the builder had used less space for the kids and more space on our room we may actually have decent-sized closets and my husband may have a cleaner closet. Psh! Like that'd make a difference.

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