Thursday, October 27, 2011

Las Vegas Ragnar

But first a word about my latest adventure with my mother:  Yesterday she decided she wanted to go look for a new dress.  She's dying and yet she still needs a new dress.  So I suggest we go to Nordstrom Rack to shop because why should I have to suffer  through it.  And, oh wait, Pei Wei is right next to it so we will be able to kill two birds with one stone, right?  We ate then went to the Rack and the first thing I always have to do upon entering any store is find the restroom.  By the time I got back, which was a few minutes because I took a detour through the shoes and found these: 

New Shoes

she had hooked a scarf with her oxygen tank which then she then proceeded to pull the rack the scarf was attached to around the store until she noticed.  Then my sister realized she was out of oxygen so she went out to the van to get a wrench to switch the tanks.  By the time she got back in my mother was sitting next to an entire rack of Calvin Klein lady's suits on the ground with the rack broken in pieces.  I came onto it about the time a salesgirl was picking up the entire mess and finding a new rack to put it all back on.  As my sister relayed the entire incident to me all we could do was stand there and giggle.  I mean, come one!  There's nothing else you CAN do.

So I ran the Las Vegas Ragnar last weekend.  This sums it up:  188 miles, 36 hours, 4 hours of sleep.  It was one of the funnest things I have ever done.  And I have to say Nevada, or at least that part of Nevada is one of the most desolate areas I've ever been in.  Not much to look at.  And I grew up in Phoenix!

Parts of the Ragnar I liked the most:

1.  Laughing.

2.  The megaphone we had taped to the roof of our Suburban.

3.  Cheering people on.

4.  When the other people on the team were running.

5.  Laughing.

The parts of the Ragnar I liked the least:

1.  Pooping.  I never knew I had so much poop to give.  Every time we stopped I was pooping.  And it wasn't a drop here and a drop there it was full on poops.  I finally took some Imodium.

2.  Lack of sleep.  However, the lack of sleep determined the amount of laughing. 

3.  When I had to run.  I had three legs:  4.8 miles, 4.3 miles, and 6.1 miles.  But when I was running I wasn't laughing.

At the end of my first leg.  I'm running so fast you can barely see my legs!

With my sister at Lake Mead after my first leg.
Gassing up after my 2nd leg.
The last picture is in the desert of Nevada; it was a very long last mile.  Only Joshua trees grow there and some ugly little shrubby things.  It was on a dirt road in the middle of the day in the middle of the desert.  Poor me.

I came home with the Ragnar bug, however.  I'm excited to do my next one.  I've been thinking about the funny things that happened all week long and can only imagine that I will never have as good a time as I had on the first one.  I'm a downer like that.


  1. isn't it just the best?!? good for you for doing it!! it's not an easy task. I can't wait for February!

  2. You are amazing, can't believe the stamina all you people have and oh...I loved the story about your Mom. Reminded me of adventures with the walls and elevator at the junior high with James and his power chair:)

  3. Jenny, We are trying to figure out if our team can all go down to Phoenix in Feb. I know my sister and I really want to do it. We've heard it's a hard one, though.

    Trish, I would be nowhere in life without my mother. Bless her heart.