Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

First off, everyone should know we took my mom to Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday to look for a new pillow.  While I was in the bathroom she knocked down an entire display of drinking glasses.  I asked my sister if she would have to pay for that and she said, "I doubt it.  Look at her."  Pathetic.

For the last several years I've been so busy on Halloween that I don't know how I get everything done in one day.  There was always the school classroom parties followed by the school Halloween parade, usually we stayed at school to eat lunch.  Then directly after school we would load up and go to my parents' house to show off the kids' costumes.  We'd make it home in time to eat a little dinner then go trick-or-treating.  We've added in a neighborhood trunk or treat in our cul-de-sac which I refer to as the cu-de-sac of horror, in the last few years.  The hubs always takes the kids out trick or treating.  I think I've done it once in my entire time as a parent.  Not to mention that the past 5 years have been spent in the employment of the school district....very tiring day.

The hubs loves Halloween so much that he calls it a holiday and doesn't work on that day which is fine with me because then it's a holiday for me, too.  I expected my Halloween to be just as busy this year as in past years but to tell the truth I sat around doing a whole lot of nothing all day.  The school changed the parade to 9:30 in the morning, the hubs and I went out for a quick breakfast, then we came home so he could continue working on the oldest child's costume.  I eventually took a nap.  Then in the afternoon started watching The Walking Dead on Netflix.  Really awesome show.  I watched all 6 before I went to bed that night.

The hubs makes the kids' costumes.  If they can get what they want already made then they buy it otherwise he sews them.  That's right---HE sews them.  I could care less.  In fact he said, "Aren't you glad you have a husband that can sew?"  I said, "I'm just glad I have a husband who care."  Because I obviously don't.

This is Molly as Harley Quinn.  She's the Joker's psychotic girlfriend.

Adam as the Joker and Molly.  Adam changed later into another outfit.
Emily as a Jedi.  He made the entire outfit except the pants. And the back of Emily's hair.

Matthew as a Ninja.  Homemade outfit again.

Adam as the Assasin's Creed guy. This is what the hubs was finishing up. He even made the boot covers.

As long as the kids are happy that's what counts.  And they were all very happy.

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  1. My husband is the one that sews in our family too, but when I say that I mean he reattaches buttons and fixes torn seams. I am impressed! I am glad that you had a more relaxed Halloween this year. Sounds nice!