Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have a friend that was a member of my Church and unless she's had her name removed from the records is still a member of my Church.  She has decided that for her God does not exist.  Which is unfathomable to me.  Her view is that the mighty miracles wrought in her life were coincidental at best.  And on and on.  And that is her right.  It truly is.

I posted the following on Facebook in November:

You know what brings out the mama bear in me? When you decide my husband couldn't be a good therapist because he is a TBM--True Believing Mormon. Biggest bunch of bullshit and nonsense I've ever heard. People who leave the Church think they are soooo open and yet they are just as judgmental as everyone else. "Let's judge those who are true believing Mormons to be close minded and yet remain as close minded as I feel they are."

The End.

Don't get mad at me honey.
· · · November 23, 2011 at 4:13pm near American Fork
    •  I know what you speak of Kara!

    •  amen!
    •  They actually said he couldn't be a good therapist because he's Mormon? BS.

    • Kara Poppleton Sherman Yep. He's on a former Mormon website as a therapist to not go to.

    •  That really pisses me off.

    • Kara Poppleton Sherman He is the most non-denominational therapist. He even keeps his office free of Mormon "art". And he has Buddhas and all sorts of other Taoist type things in there.

    • Kara Poppleton Sherman Whatever. People are going to keep acting like they always do no matter how they believe. Character isn't something you necessarily learn at church.

    •  Meh... don't worry. What's the saying, "By their fruits..."

      He's cool!

    •  There are lame judgmental people inside and outside the church. Honestly, if you like a therapist, see him/her. If you don't, find someone else. Religion shouldn't play into it. (Unless you see someone like the LDSFS therapist I saw when I was 17 - it was like trying to get therapy from a bishop!)
    •  True fact is that some LDS therapists can't see outside of their deep belief system. I know MFTs who won't see gay couples because they don't feel they should be married.

      Stupid stuff right there!! ^^^^

    •  BUT, I think Mr. Hubby is awesome!

    •  Hypocrisy is just a sophisticated word for "dumbass". People will look for reasons to be jackholes for no other reason then to be opendminded... Which is another sophisticated word for "bull shit".

    •  I think I agree with you, Cristina, but I"m not sure. I think open-minded is good, and wouldn't consider it bull shit.
    •  I should have clarified by saying fake or convenient openmindedness.

    • It's okay let's be honest, if they (me) were not in a place to accept God into our daily lives, they aren't in a place to accept any help into their daily lives, and if those atheists are in a place to receive help they will not be on that website....

    •  I by "those atheists" I simply mean those people who choose not to believe in any God...not the people on the website
    • t Kara I love how you speak your mind.
    •  Uh NO, Teri. Not accepting "god" into your daily life does NOT in any way mean that you are not in a place to accept any help in your life.

      THAT is the closed-mindedness of which we speak.

    •  I didn't mean it like that, it just from personal experience only means, that if they are shutting off one religion and shutting the door on all the help that "those" members can bring...they are truly not in a place to accept help, and unfortunately those people who are ready to accept help and search that website are going to be discouraged

    •  Not so. Religion is NOT for everyone. Accepting help from "members" ain't no special magical thayng.

      THIS is exactly why that site exists. People can't see through religion to recognize that answers are not found THERE, they are found within ourselves.

    •  As I reread it, I can see how you took it that way, I am not articulate enough to get across what I mean, no judging...I just think that to post on a website with the a purpose as to "slander" LDS help just shows that maybe (and I should have used that term in the original post) they are shut down on all help.

    •  I have a comment ... Jon is awesome, you are awesome. One of the things I like most about you two is that there is no judgement ... you are honest .... which some may feel is judgement ... only because they are in judgement of their own self. There Are many bitter former Mormons ... It is one of the things I done feel is unfortunate in the exmormon community ...

    •  And that is what I meant by my atheist comment, that if people who do not believe in any God want help I don't see them perusing that website to find a good therapist...

    •  Scratch ... done ... that was my inner redneck comin' out.

    • Kara Poppleton Sherman Okay, everybody. This wasn't what I was looking for. I have several friends who have left the Church or become atheist in the last several years which is their decision. Say what you want about me but leave my husband alone. Mama Bear. Growl. Growly Growl Growl. Rrrrrr.... He's the best Marriage and Family Therapist out there. Really. rrr...

    • e That is such a good point and so true! I've seen that in many instances!

    • Are you a polar bear? Cause Monkey loves polar bears

    •  I love when the mama bear comes out of hibernation... Grr Grr

    •  Kara said "bullshit"

    •  Those who leave the Church can't leave it alone. Seems they must somehow prove or justify to themselves their decision by projecting their feelings onto others.

    •  I know! They can leave the church, but why do they have to become anti- Mormons , judging and criticing and preaching to us?

    •  You GO Girl!
    •  Shouldn't this be a non issue? Should the patient know anything of their doctors religion or beliefs? Just saying! I'm mean if you know these things and you do choose this person. Don't you kinda know what you are getting. Buyers remorse sucks. But don't wine about it.
  • Anywho

    A week or two ago this friend posted something on Facebook about how she found it incredible that she could believe in a god for so long that would be so uncaring towards his son and let him die a horrible death.  I should have resisted the urge to comment.  I really should have.  But I posted that incredibly I did believe that very thing.  Man the claws came out.  I was just flabbergasted. That is one thing I would never do.  
    Look people.  When you put stuff out there on the interwebs to be read then people will respond.  And that is all I did was respond.  I didn't argue, I didn't call names, I didn't tell her she was going to a hell she didn't believe in.  But she did that to me along with all of her friends.  It was amazing.  
    I have ruminated over this for over a week.  Considered blocking her posts from my view. I don't want to reconvert anyone.  I want to share opinions without being treated like shit.  That is really all anyone is looking for here, isn't it?  A little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

    And that is all I have to say about that.