Monday, June 4, 2012

The Meaning of WampumQueen

My husband named me the WampumQueen when we were freshman at BYU.  I was pretty cool back then.  I had really, really, really short platinum blonde hair.  I wore what I wanted, mostly black.  I had this pair of slip shorts.  They were black and silky like a slip with a bit of lace around the bottoms like a slip but they were shorts.  They were meant to be worn under a dress but I wore them as shorts. Because I could.  I thought I was something else. I, also, wore a white slip as a skirt.  A regular old slip but it was short.  I had clothes that I wore that were not underclothing, too.  Don't worry.

My sister and I in front of Heleman Halls. I was very tan.

At my grandma's condo in Bountiful

Somewhere at BYU.

Me with Jonathan on the right and Steve Hartline on the left.  Who cares about the other two.  I'm wearing the white slip here.
But the best thing I had were these boots.  The Wampum Boots.  The hubs gave them their name.  I loved them.  I still have them.  They were comfortable and I thought they went with everything. They were light brown, suede, ankle boots with colorful bits of leather pieces woven in.  They had very pointy toes and velcroed on. 

In front of Whitney Hall in Heritage Halls.  I'm wearing the WampumBoots here but you can't see them.

The Wampum Boots.  A little worse for wear over the 25 years I've owned them but still really cool.
Because I had the WampumBoots then I must be the Queen of Wampum.  So I was christened.  And that is why I'm called the WampumQueen.

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  1. So from the fabulous styles I'm seeing here, I think we were at BYU at close to the same time. What a fun post!