Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Adam

In the last two weeks we've been very busy celebrating the manhoodedness of my oldest child, Adam. 

He turned 18 in April but the culmination of his childhood began with his receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood from his father on Sunday, May 20.  Jon's step dad, George, and step mom, Char, came into town to witness this event.  He also graduated from seminary that evening although we didn't attend the ceremony as we were busy with family. And ate lots of good food.

On Wednesday, May 30, he graduated from high school.  Barely.  In April we found out he was .25 credit short so he sent to East Shore High School, an alternative high school, and did 2 packets to make up that credit.  He stayed up until 4am on Monday the 28th to finish some assignments due in math.  He squeaked by with a D.  So proud.  Jon's dad, Clay, and step mom, Stephanie, came into town for the graduation.  Also there were my dad Warner, sister Kristen, brother-in-law Erich, and one of their boys Ezra.  Rod Morgan an old friend of ours attended along with Adam's good friend Josh Nilsson and his girlfriend. And we ate lots of good food.

Tonight he received his Eagle Scout at his Court of Honor.  This was done in conjunction with Josh Nilsson as he received his Eagle Scout also and they wanted to do this together.  It lasted about 45 minutes and was fun to watch the boy getting his Eagle Award.  Even I got a little pin that said, "Eagle Scout Mom."

I've never been shy about saying that  I want the kids to grow up and move out as soon as possible but now that the first one is grown went too fast.  He will be gone quite a bit this summer then next spring he will go on a mission.  Then he'll get married and have kids of his own......

As Adam has done all the firsts in the family I realize the lasts are also ticking off just as fast.  Matthew just finished Cub Scouts and received his Arrow of Light.  No more Pack Meetings for us.  He has one more year in the elementary school.  We will have  been in the school for 14 years.  What happened? 

Anyway.  This is getting morose. 

Good luck out there in the world, Man Cub.  Hopefully we've taught you everything you need to know to start you out in life.  There's still a lot of learning ahead of you.

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